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Travel to El Mirador

  My husband and I recently traveled to El Mirador with archaeology guide Enrique Hernandez.   Here he is explaining the story of the hero twins as shown on this frieze.      

     In the past it has taken 2 - 8 hour days hiking through the jungle to reach the El Mirador Archaeological site.  We however flew from Miami to Guatemala City then to Flores in the northern area of Petén, Guatemala.  The following day we flew by helicopter to the site. If you want to travel to El Mirador and Tikal please contact me and I will help you plan this trip.

    The people working to uncover the mysteries of the site are anxious for visitors to come and experience the site. Tourism will bring money and jobs to the area so the people trying to live there will not have to burn the rain forest in order to farm.  Tourism will also help pay for security at the site to discourage the theft of artifacts.      

      One problem at the site is a lack of any facilities (bathrooms).  Hopefully as the site becomes more accessible with the helicopters, they will be able to add some facilities.  

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