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Birding in the Mirador Basin

Guatemala is a hot spot for birding and many species can be found in the Mirador Basin.

 The Mirador Basin is a geographically-defined elevated basin of 2,169 square kilometers found in the remote rain forest of the Maya Biosphere Reserve in the northern department of Petén, Guatemala. The basin is named after El Mirador, which is an immense archaeological site within the basin.

The region is part of the last large area of intact tropical forest in Mesoamerica. Together with the reserves of Tikal National Park, the eastern Petén and the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve in southern Mexico, the Mirador Basin represents the last refuge of tropical flora and fauna in Central America, creating an area large enough to guarantee the survival of threatened species.

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Read about 2 new to Guatemala species:

10 new moths have been found in the area:


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