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Mel Gibson and the Prince of Monaco visited just before us.


March 2011 

 Mel Gibson has traveled to Guatemala in a bid to help protect a tropical rainforest.

The 55-year-old actor - who is well-known for his environmental advocacy - joined forces with Prince Albert of Monaco to take part in a private fund-raising trip to the Central American nation in the hope of guaranteeing the future sustainability of the remote rainforest of the El Mirador Basin.

However, he is not just hoping to help protect the endangered area, as the 'Braveheart' star is also on a mission to secure funding to assist with the conservation of the ancient Mayan ruins in the north of the country.

In addition to his environmental work, Mel will be attending a rainforest conference - alongside Prince Albert - to discuss the future of the protected area, and will climb one of the largest pyramids in the world, La Danta.

This isn't the first time the Oscar-winning actor and director has leant his support to the cause. In 2007, he donated $500,000 to the El Mirador Basin Project and travelled to Guatemala to make further donations to the country's indigenous population.

Elsewhere, Mel provided financial assistance to Green Rubber Global, a Malaysian company with a tyre recycling factory in New Mexico, in the hope of extending his environmental advocacy.    The Earth Times

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